Born and raised in Chicago

Active in rock and free-jazz groups from the age of 16 to 23, playing guitar and reeds

Moved to Madison, Wisconsin

Stopped performing, but occasionally studied music, for the next 15 years

Obtained degrees from the University of Wisconsin in journalism, economics, and, as a Masters, mass communications

Resumed performing, touring, and recording

Moved to Cologne, Germany


long biography

Musicians who have played in my ensemble or in duo projects include    Carrie Biolo      Michael Bisio      Geoff Brady      Kyle Bruckmann      Marilyn Crispell      Vincent Davis      Stephen Dembski      Hamid Drake      Elizabeth Falconer      Elisabeth Fügemann      Michael Formanek      Christina Fuchs      Sebastian Gramss      Frank Gratkowski      Guillermo Gregorio      Gerry Hemingway      Michael Heupel      John Hollenbeck      François Houle      Carl Ludwig Hübsch      Robbie Hunsinger      Derek James      Raymond Kaczynski      Greg Kelley      Robert Landfermann      Peggy Lee      Thomas Lehn      Jeffrey Lependorf      Daniel Levin      Christian Lillinger      Axel Lindner      João Lobo      Tom Lorenz      Matthias Mainz      Annette Maye      Rob Mazurek      Myra Melford      Udo Moll      Matthias Muche      Larry Ochs      Mary Oliver      John Padden      Jessica Pavone      Jeff Parker      Ed Pias      Melvyn Poore      Eva Pöpplein      Stephen Rath      Norbert Rodenkirchen      Donald Robinson      Scott Roller      Vincent Royer      Elliott Sharp      Angelika Sheridan      Damon Short      Ryan Smith      Florian Standler      Radek Stawartz      Robert Stright      Hans Sturm      Matthias Schubert      Achim Tang      Christian Thomé      Matt Turner      Dylan van der Schyff      Peter Van Huffel      Georg Wissel      Marion Wörle aka Frau W      Xu Fengxia      Michael Zerang      Philip Zoubek